Back With Care™ is a digital solution that seamlessly integrates with your employer or organization’s COVID-19 plan. Back With Care™ takes a clinical approach to maintaining workplace safety, utilizing Buoy’s in-house medical and engineering teams to ensure that every step of the experience - from daily screening to care navigation - evolves with the pandemic. Back With Care™ provides secure symptom, exposure, and positive test tracking, providing certainty in an uncertain time for both you and your organization’s wellbeing.

Daily self-screening

The Back With Care™ screener uses the latest guidance from authorities like the CDC and WHO and is reviewed by Buoy’s in-house clinicians to assess readiness for in-person work on any given day.

  • Buoy’s medical team monitors CDC guidelines and consults with an external advisory panel to keep screening protocols up-to-date

  • Employees should use the screening tool daily, and submit the assessment within three hours of reporting for in-person work

  • Once an employee is deemed ready for in-person work, they will receive a time and date-stamped pass to present on that day

  • At the end of the assessment, you’ll also find links to health and wellness resources your employer has made available to you during the pandemic

Ready to get started? How do I use Back With Care™

If this wasn’t what you were looking for, chat with one of our crew members by clicking the icon in the lower-right of your screen. We currently offer live support from 7a - 5p ET, but feel free to drop us a message any time, and we’ll reply as soon as we can!

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