Back With Care will now offer a way for you to share your vaccine plan and status with your employer. Not all users will see this, as it is only shown to those whose employers have chosen to include it as part of their Back With Care experience. The vaccine module is a new feature intended to help employers understand COVID-19 vaccination plans across their employee population. It’s also an easy way for employers to provide helpful resources for their employees.

As vaccine supply and eligibility increases, Back With Care will continue to evolve to meet the changing landscape. Using the vaccine module, will help your employer understand how best to plan for staff returning to in-person work, while keeping employees safe and healthy.

Although you are not required to share your vaccination plan, doing so will help your employer provide you with the right updates at the right time as they develop a plan for returning to normal.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your employer directly.

Here’s how it works:

Users will be met with a new tile on the Back With Care homepage titled “Vaccine plan and status”. Follow the prompts to answer a few simple questions about your vaccine plan.

If you have already received one or more doses of a vaccine, you will be able to log the dates of each dose. This will let your employer know when you have fully completed the course.

If you are not yet eligible for the vaccine but plan to receive it as soon as it becomes available to you, select: I’ll get it as soon as it’s available to me

If you would prefer to wait until later in the year to receive your vaccine, select: I plan to wait until later this year

These answers allow employers to navigate a return to normal.

If you are not planning to receive a vaccine, simply select that response. This will allow employers to understand how best to keep the workplace safe for all employees.

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