Buoy is a digital health tool that helps you easily check your symptoms and understand your best options for care. Think of it as chatting with a friendly doctor. 

Here's how it works: 

Start by entering your symptoms. For tips on searching your symptoms, check out this article.  

Buoy will then follow up with questions about your symptoms. These questions are informed by an algorithm that analyzes your answers in real-time and decides what to ask next.

Through this back-and-forth – it usually takes a minute or two at most – Buoy is able to gain a more detailed understanding of your case, and then provide insight into the cause of your symptoms and next steps for care. 

Next, Buoy will ask about your health insurance. This information is used to provide you with more personalized and relevant care options.

Next, you’ll have the option to input your insurance information. If you choose to skip this step, that’s totally fine – Buoy will still be able to provide you with guidance. 

If you do opt to enter your insurance details and zip code, Buoy will be able to show you personalized recommendations for care in your area.  

Finally, based on the symptoms you described during your interview, Buoy will show three possible matches for your condition.

Once you’ve gone through these results, let us know what you think! Feedback is always welcome – in fact, it’s how we get better. 

If you need further assistance, chat with one of our crew members by clicking the icon in the lower-right of your screen. We currently offer live support from 7a - 5p ET, but feel free to drop us a message any time, and we’ll reply as soon as we can!

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